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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Analysis of the situation 2018

Updated Info on ET Breeding Project 1-17-2018

Please kind in mind that this information is an ongoing work in progress. Job descriptions, ranks, relationships and physical description of the ETs involved with this program change in time. We try our best to keep the public up to date with the most accurate information on hand. We do make mistakes; however, we always try to correct the info ASAP. We hope to update other background logs soon. Thank you for your patience.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Our Best Info on ET Politics Jan 2018 Statement

Two Types of Ets.
1.)Those who come from our solar system and refer to themselves as “Space               Brothers”.
     I.)The Space Brothers do not abduct humans.

2.)Those who come from outside of our Solar System.
     I.)Some do abduct humans while others do not abduct humans.

3.)Advance technology does not always equal advance spiritually or a higher 
     level of Consciousness.
     I.)There are evil & good ETs.
     II.)The Space Brothers have a treaty with most of the ETs from outside our 
          solar system.

4.)The Saturn Warriors form the Police Force for our solar system.
     I.)They contain or disable but do not kill.
     II.)The Solar government for our system is located on the Etheric planet          
     III.)The Earth government is located in the Gobi desert on the Etheric plane.        

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